• Expect The Unexpected With Life p4

    Part 4 I was unsure what I would make of today. My day ended up being pretty easy going. You know what. That vegan ‘bacon’ was interesting. It was somewhat salty and tasted like Bologna when its heated. I do find it edible and I can see myself eating it again, you just gotta pair […]

  • Expected The Unexpected With Life p3

    Part 3 Today felt whimsical and affirming. I made a list of tasks that made me feel accountable for myself. I again, am putting my best foot forward while listening to Glorilla. ‘They say they don’t **** with me, but I say they can’t **** with me’. (Tomorrow 2 by. GloRilla &  Cardi B.) I […]

  • Expect The Unexpected With Life p2

    Part 2   Okay, to pick up where I left off. I uploaded my first blog and I now have the taste for new and creative work. I played some Mary-Mary and Mary J Blige ‘Just fine’. I proceeded my day by hitting the gym. I did not want to go, I just know that […]

  • Expect The Unexpected With Life p1

    Slow down and really look at your surroundings   Pt.1 To dive into my new year without resolutions made me feel a bit free. How can the day after new years be so drastic than the day before? I acknowledged the emotional ride I was on last year. I did not go out as much. […]


    Guaranteed Infinite results …. So I have been living in this world for 23 years and counting at gods will. I learned a lot and I am blessed and grateful for the life I have. What we call now and days “gems”, I will be sharing with you the gems you need to elevate your […]

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