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So I have been living in this world for 23 years and counting at gods will. I learned a lot and I am blessed and grateful for the life I have. What we call now and days “gems”, I will be sharing with you the gems you need to elevate your self-love and worth. Your overall well-being will change for the better. If you’ve seen them before with no action, take this as a sign to try again.




#1 Believe in yourself

Over the course of the year, month, or week; what ever makes you feel safe and comfortable. Challenge yourself to be the change you deserve. Some may suggest to be affirmative on a basis. Trust that you are more than capable at doing what your heart desires. You need to have confidence.

Give yourself permission to be as great as much as you know you are. If you get up one day, its another to be the beautiful human being you are. You are the star in your own world.

‘you are accomplishing your goals one step at a time.’

‘You are enough.’

‘You are abundant.’




#2 Meditation

Sometimes life can get out of your control and it will be okay at your will. What you can control is how you respond to it if it triggers stress or any cognitive dissonance. Meditating will help you relax and free your mind.

‘You are allowed to feel peace.’




#3 Self care

Do you need to get rid of old clutter? Could your toes use a fresh touch-up? Are the dishes done? It’s okay, you don’t have to tell anyone. 🙂

A big part of self care is how you treat yourself. You accept yourself for who you are. How are you kind to yourself? Do you give yourself that bubble bath or flowers you wanted just because you wanted to treat yourself? If the responses to that are positive, there is someone out there proud of you.

Go to the gym, yoga, Pilates, nature walks, pretty much anything that gets your body moving.

Take care of your skin

Get on top of your health. You have to put in the work and consistency for great results.

Self-help books are also a great tool to stimulate your brain.

Treat yourself because you know you deserve it.

‘You feel your best, you perform your best.’




#4 Let go of toxic relationships

From, lovers to friends and even family members, you may have dealt with unpleasant remarks or not so positive dialogue. Know when its time to let go. Forgive yourself and know that the change are for the better.

‘You deserve to be loved.’




#5 Step outside of your comfort zone and change your perspective

Try new things this year but, be sure to be safe.

Do you trust that though you may not see the path ahead, you have faith in your decisions? What ways will you grow if you limit the journey?

‘You are worthy of having fun and enjoying life.’

Reminding yourself that you are in control of your life.




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  1. Starting off great with #1. My way of believing in myself is not through affirmations, but by using affirming actions. That often involves doing things I don’t want to do, like waking up before I want to, or working out when I don’t.

    What I’ve noticed is that my self-talk has changed since doing that. So when life throws me challenges, I’m able to meet them because I’ve done hard stuff before. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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