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Slow down and really look at your surroundings



To dive into my new year without resolutions made me feel a bit free. How can the day after new years be so drastic than the day before?

I acknowledged the emotional ride I was on last year. I did not go out as much. I could not communicate how I felt without feeling like my feelings were invalidated which, I ended up feeling alone most days. On top of being an over-thinker, I was going a little mad at one point. I didn’t feel respected when the one thing that I wanted from the people closest to me was love.

One day I just had this one… particular….day in November. I was physically drained, and dehydrated, My feet were hurting and during that time. I was getting off work late as hell.

I had been kinda out of touch with my spirituality. This is important. I was lost. The morning of said day, I just grabbed my Moonology cards. I shuffled n’stuff. Moon in Sagittarius. Be expected for your day to not go as planned. I didn’t take heed in what this fire sign had in stored. Like it was random.

I am including the fact that I also have been doing shadow work by writing in a journal between days since the beginning of April of 2022. The signs were there and I was actin like Sza for a moment. Blind.

To whom ever gifts my next journal, I want leather please.

Ever since then, I have been cutting off toxic people like a moth to a flame.



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