Expect The Unexpected With Life p2

Part 2


Okay, to pick up where I left off. I uploaded my first blog and I now have the taste for new and creative work. I played some Mary-Mary and Mary J Blige ‘Just fine’.

I proceeded my day by hitting the gym. I did not want to go, I just know that I would feel even better about taking care of my body.

Afterwards I went to my local spiritual shop and got a few new crystals.

While feeling my best, I wanted to eat better as well. It is so hard passing by so many stores and fast food places. Food temptations are everywhere. There are at least eight, don’t quote me on this but eight fast food places in the same proximity as the gym in my area. As disciplined as I am, I bypassed the fresh food aroma and brought what I would normally get when I run out.



POM. super tea


Deer Park


What I added was


Two apples

Bag of Cherries

Salad mix

Vegan bacon


May I add, it was a small pack of plant base ‘bacon’. Cheers to trying new things.

I have not tried it yet but If you’re ever so curious, of course I’ll give an update.

I usually get my fruit through smoothies, greek or non fat yogurt and would occasionally eat fruit. So I’m implementing more good habits. Every time I accomplish a task, I do a little dance.

Also while I was in the store I got a magazine checking out for the first time.

I think Its a good read and it is filled with tips that are motivating and encouraging and relatable from page one.

‘Spread the message, be the change’

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