Expected The Unexpected With Life p3

Part 3

Today felt whimsical and affirming. I made a list of tasks that made me feel accountable for myself. I again, am putting my best foot forward while listening to Glorilla.

‘They say they don’t **** with me, but I say they can’t **** with me’. (Tomorrow 2 by. GloRilla &  Cardi B.)

I felt that because I’ve set boundaries to be apart of positive people so its just me (Laughs) and what makes me happy emotionally. I know I can’t change the world but I can control myself and what I do.

Again I enthusiastically go to the gym to find out that they had no water so I left. Instead, I went to my usual trail. I walked my usual route and enjoyed the air and the ducks. Today I decided to look for an oak tree. I ended asking a random guy casually playing with his dog. “Do you happen to know what an oak tree looks like?” It’s not important but, He was very handsome and he ‘used to know what they look like.’ so I thanked him for his time and he told me to have a happy new year. He didn’t have to speak to me; I just appreciated the random act of kindness of communication.

I didn’t find it even with the google images I had on hand.

I spent time with my mother and discussed the things we could do for self care like getting pedicures at the local spa, I have to wait til her next day off of work.

I explained to her that I was in a place in my life where I am in a good space emotionally, physically and mentally. I told here it was a magical feeling. Like god came and knocked me over energetically to make me realize how abundant I was. Like there were things happening around me that I couldn’t grasp to believe at first. I knew that if I spoke to anyone else about it. They wouldn’t hear me, they simply would want to just dance. So be it. I was even getting those same signs while I was with her and said see look and after the Fifth time it happened I said, ” Do you believe me now mother?”

She said, ” I’ve always believed you.” It was something I needed to hear. So now that I got the clarity I needed. I am going to do great things and achieve new heights. I am limitless to the opportunities that come my way.


‘Spread the message, Be the change’


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