Expect The Unexpected With Life p4

Part 4

I was unsure what I would make of today. My day ended up being pretty easy going.

You know what.

That vegan ‘bacon’ was interesting. It was somewhat salty and tasted like Bologna when its heated. I do find it edible and I can see myself eating it again, you just gotta pair it with eggs and grits. I ended up trying vegan sausage, I like the bacon more.

As someone who attempts getting those pesky chores out the way, I decided to re-organize my entire apartment over the weekend. I was half way there when I got that rush of can-do spirit. After about 3 hours to include several breaks. I did it. I got rid of items and moved some furniture around. I love it.

On Sunday, I was able to relax in bed and read with a sense of peace. I earned to cherish that moment.

I taught myself how to knit while watching movies on Netflix. I journaled about what I was grateful for and ended my night with some rainstorms, Pretty chill day.

Monday, I went to the gym and did my normal routine. I pushed myself by adding one more rep between sets.

I went the grocery store and thought to myself with no judgement, ‘I wonder how long before someone speaks to me.’ Sometimes I am the initiator, if I need something. If I make a list of what I need before hand, I get what I need and mind my business. Often while I shop, someone will willingly speak to me. I am told I have a friendly face.

Since I have been leaving home more, it was to be expected.

Sure enough, A gentleman did eventually approach me. He gave me a compliment and he assisted me with the rest of my grocery list and we parted ways. I appreciated the kindness.

The following day, I went to my sisters and she gave me her frozen vegetables and I got some potatoes and other ingredients and made soup for dinner and it was delicious. I trust that I am an excellent chef though I do not like cooking because it involves cleaning dishes after. I push my self to do more of that this year(laughs).

I tried belly dancing and it was definitely a workout. I managed to almost make it to the end of the video. Cheers to trying new things.

On my most recent walk, I met a woman walking her dog and I had seen her once before. The one-time hello, how are you? Good? Okay, have a good day.

This time, I decided to speak to her and I told her, her dog reminds me of my favorite ice cream. Oreo is my favorite flavor. She calls her dog cookie and she was so sweet and told me how nice it was to have her pet. We spoke for about two minutes more before parting ways.

It doesn’t take much to be kind to someone. You never know what you’ll learn. I got inspired to continue on with my creativity with god keeping me fueled.



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