Achieving Personal Growth: with saiimoony

Do you remember a time you were introduced to your first tricycle. Then you got training wheels when you were a bit older. Finally, you had to experience the big bike.. no training wheels.

You had your safety helmet and proper bicycle gear ready to go. You were ready to go right up until you tried to sit on the seat. You couldn’t find your balance. You had someone stay behind you and told them to not let go. They tell you to look forward and you do it. So your heart is beating fast. You’re wide-eyed and taking deep big breaths. What you are experiencing is Fear. Fear is the exact same feeling as excitement.

You pedal and before you know it, you got that breaking achievement. You just learned how to ride a bike. Congratulations.

Think of where you are right now, and all the challenges you’ve experienced before finding this page. More over, you start to remember all your accomplishments.

If you’re lucky you knew how to stop the bike and if you just ended up eating dirt well, it’s just another one of life experiences. I hope you are okay.

The point I am making is that even though you may feel afraid, you’ll never know your potential feeling of getting over that fear. Which is relief. That, ” I did it!” feeling.

You have to be willing to work through your fears and hold your vision.

Think of your vision as a sea shell or anything you want that’s worth protecting.

This shell is inspirational to you, it’s what motivates you. Are you gonna let someone tell you that your sea shell is worthless and unnecessary to keep? NO! You’re not because you know the potential of your sea shell. Your visions are precious, believe it, when no one else does

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Sometimes it’s okay to take that time out to get in the right space. There is no right or wrong way navigating life.

When learning new things, remind yourself that someone may not take the initiative to try new things or push themselves with confidence the way you do.

You know you can accomplish anything you want. You kind of have to parent yourself on getting what you know you need to get done and make time for resting.

3. Get uncomfortable, If you want change

Sometimes you gotta step outside your comfort zone. Recently, I received a new job offer and it was divinely guided by god and I am grateful ever single time I saw the signs around me. It was an extraordinary experience. I was given the opportunity to be a step up than any position I’d received in my career.

It requires leadership. How can one lead without any experience. My simple answer is to learn from those before me. I have alot of studying to do in alot more areas of my life but I am committed to staying true to myself and putting my best foot forward, especially while leading for others.

I did a self assessment. I accept myself for who I am.

3.Be true to yourself

What if that idea you’re holding on to is just what the world needs? We need you, an authentic you. How may of you can relate to being on social media and seeing basically everything in about 100,000 different fonts (numbers exceed amount shown). Social media definitely needs a separate conversation, but it’s in our everyday life. Its how you found this article.

So if there are all theses blogs and you’ve managed to find little ole’ me, I hope my positive energy touches you from afar. My intentions these last few weeks were alot of shadow work of writing, meditation, and mindfulness. If I’m gonna to be that domino that starts whatever change, the energy behind that was definitely marinating.

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