Accepting Reality

I think now and days, we are constantly evolving and it really depends on your perception.

I’ve had plenty of days where everything was easy going and my faith was strong and I was fearless.

What about the days that I feel blue. It’s raining outside, so theres that. Went to see family and everyone is moody and tired. Me being the exact opposite of them, I went back home.

I said you know what. Let me go work on myself. When I can’t having meaningful conversations with those I love dearest to me, I talk to god.

When somebody got me messed up, I ask if I got the red or green light.

January in the beginning, I was very ambitious in learning and healing. Literally every single day was like an evolution. It’s a feeling I can describe as a positive notion and by my will power. I enjoyed it.

It’s like I’ve only touched the surface of unmarked territory and the fear of it excites me. I’ve become comfortable with willing to dig deep to understand who I am, which is amazing lol.

I’m aware that I can feel what others feel and I combatted myself accordingly along with divine guidance. I do not take those feelings of my problems or my not so positive emotions out on others.

Instead of me crying or empathizing with these feelings.

I chose to write about it or transform that energy into creativity.

I am learning myself all over again and even let my inner child play. Every now and again.

When its time to get in boss mode. I grind and I shine OKAY!

I learned how to crochet, I learned a little of ukulele, I started buying more fruits and vegetables and by the end of the month I was eating close to an organic diet. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

Just some flowers I drew🕺🏻



My day was blessed in a nut shell.

I started to hold myself accountable for my actions and I decided to make better ones.

One of my other personal Goals was to be more active.

It felt like I had ancestors from the neanderthal era guiding me. Like um…Jump scare right. Can you imagine a heavy foot person trying to move energetically and they still manage to make noise.


So when I think about that era I’ve remembered that they ate certain foods to sustain, they stayed in packs and were creative people.

I’ve been feeling like 50 cent lately too.

I woke up around midnight and I decided to make a salad.

I got a spring and spinach mix from the local grocery. What I added:

Croutons, corn, flax seeds 2 tbs, a dash of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg.

I like crunch so I added about 1/4 cup (serving size) of jalapeño pretzels, diced tomatoes, shredded radish, and some olive garden Italian dressing. It was delicious… the key to me eating it was to use alot of dressing. It helped me eat every bite.

I was already in the gym around October of last year but I’ve been on my grind. The weather decided to be absolutely cold today on my day off so I’m staying warm inside.

When I didn’t feel like the gym, I would go to a small walking trail. Theres some ducks and I find it a little humorous that theres only 1 black duck and of course it stood out the most. I’ve only seen 1 swan and little turtles. Essentially its a lot of nature going on and that was one of the ways of me staying grounded and I can applaud myself because gah’damn. I saw the path I was headed and I had to ask my ancestors for help.

I also went to see the avatar in 3d and it was enjoyable then a family with little children booked right next to me. I originally booked a seat for myself and I had a whole row alone. The kids enjoyed the movie as much as I did though.

I did appreciate the collective cultural gasp when we were all on the same page about the movie.

I was heard. (1:11pm on the clock as I’m typing lol).


This morning I made some positive energy tea.

Ahaha hear me out and this is not a paid partnership. I like drinking yogi tea. I ate a blood orange and a breakfast snack. I added the orange peels to my tea and I used the elderberry immune support and “positive energy” tea bags. I added some cinnamon, a dash of turmeric, lemon juice, and honey. It was delicious.

I did go to a farmers market downtown, new place. Of course I went back. It was so peaceful and clean. The employees; some focused and others assist.

I learned that when I mind my business in one spot someone asks if I need help.

I tried a new kombucha and this very tall old man comes up and grabs a product that I never tried.

He was about to walk off until I stopped him and asked if that was his favorite drink and that I’ve never tried it.

He assured me it was and turned to recommend golden pineapple and I got some and I took it home. The kombucha I like was more herbal and floral. So of course this one is fruity and it was really good.

So now my grocery list just keeps growing.

Remember you attract what you think.

It’s a choice to be happy and its a choice to be where ever you are.

“Spread the message, be the change”

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