It Ends With Us

A proud moment

If you’ve seen this title on social media, you know it’s the book by Colleen Hoover, It Ends With Us.

If you haven’t read it, um… Spoilers.

So lately my life has been moving really fast. Like one minute its 3am, I move around its 6am, now its 10am.

So my time is precious and my time cost ahaha.

You know what’s also precious, love. I, single, female am happily in pursuit of whatever I want.

Have you ever felt what it was like to think you’ve met the love of your life.

Well I met someone for the first time. Like not a real interaction but it’s like, If I ask the right question would he too push the right buttons??? Lmao.

Have you ever experienced the type of love that has you hiding just to gush alone. I gave him my website today (unspecified date) and of course I’m coming in with good intentions because mister nameless. You are fineee.


Pretty bold way to shoot a shot huh?

This is the place where I keep it one hundred. If you like my vibe.

Come here let me tell you something.

“Come closer.”

So how was Colleen Hoover involved.

Well in the book, Lily has a conversation with Atlas as she reads her Dear Ellen letters as her way of coping with her life circumstances.

She said she didn’t know what she was growing until it came out of the ground…. ….. For loving her plants the right way. Plants reward you based on the amount of love you show them….. ….., If you care for them and love them the right way, they reward you with gifts in the form of vegetables or fruits or flowers.

One part of being an authentic person, you deal with people or energies that want to basically be the happiness hater.

I enjoy my job and other works I do, truly.

So me being someone who is protected by god, who communicates with my ancestors who are my guides effortlessly… You would wonder who on earth would want to f**k with me; setting the intentions to disrupt my equilibrium.

First of all, no enemy against me shall prosper.

I was at work today and I met a beautiful women who was a Lawyer. I asked her for her card just incase I needed her because I may need a strong black woman for representation. She gave me her card.

Y’all I kid you not, her last name was luck.

I spent work. Singing my favorite rap or communicating to signs and synchronicities and rewarding myself for not being side tracked by low vibrational energy.

Minding my got own damn business is something I do best.

Moving on

I know I’m a very effulgent type of woman. With that comes alot of suiters. I just want to state that past people do not reach out to me.

I just want to state that past people do not reach out to me.

I just want to state that past people do not reach out to me.

I’d be jealous too if I was wasnt me.

Lucky me right. I am very blessed. ☺️

Today’s song is UP- Cardi B

I come to work to get a bag and when I clock out I go get another bag, like a boss b*tch do.

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