Expect The Unexpected With Life part 5

I achieved a milestone these last few days.


I am patient when it comes to the needs of others. I am also healing past wounds and it feels amazing.

I can’t wait to meet more people who I can have like minded conversations with.

There will be people who want you to be as miserable as they are, some will even go as far as using root work just because they see you shine. Sounds pathetic but we all know evil never wins.

I also am now accepting that men can be jealous of confident woman too. It was only until I experienced it first hand and let me tell you…what thee fawk!

It was definitely an eye- opening experience but I know that god will handle it accordingly.

I recently had a job where the work environment could have been a better experience if it had better management and here I was in my own bubble just doing my job the best I knew how.

I also can not accept any advice from people who can’t even show up to their shift on time. The lack of accountability did have me in shock.

Hopefully they get it together.

It was super fun though. I learned new things while I was there and met some pretty cool people. ☺️

One day, I met a nun and she was small and old as I recall. I told her that I was a spiritualist and I do believe in God and that I respect what she does.

She told me that she too believed in her God and that she respected what I did too. It was the mutual feeling of respect in that moment that made me feel understood.

You’d be surprised by the people I’ve met who claimed they believed in god but gossip about each other amongst each other.

Like best friends aren’t supposed to gossip about each other.

I would rather think about what I’m trying to eat for dinner, pls?

There are bigger problems to worry about than why I decided to check the schedule twice. If the managers can’t keep track of their employees, who else will?

I did end up going out Saturday to see magic mike with a friend. I did enjoy my day. Lmao I enjoyed the movie as well.

As I am making my way back out into the sun again I want people to know that it took alot of courage and bravery to get to where I am currently.

I forgive you. I guess this applies to anyone who tried to target me because they got the wrong impression of me… or who knew who I was on a genuine level and tried to toy with it.

I love myself so much for giving myself a chance to be creative and taking a leap of faith with no ones approval.

I met all kinds of people with their definitions of life advice. Essentially, all you have to do is believe in yourself.

I listened to myself and gave me exactly what I needed. I decided to play the lottery today and I won 20$ and I treated myself to IHOP. Just know I ate all my food. Lol.



This weeks songs:

1. Over- Drake

2. In ha mood- Ice Spice

3. Conceited- Flo milli

You can listen to the full playlist anytime, anywhere…

Check out the playlist here https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/saiimoony-feb-playlist/pl.u-MDAWv8JsWPja8og



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