A Time For Healing

When one is healed, all are healed.

Today I decided to tune myself more with my spirit guides and I’ve learned that it’s a great time for self care and releasing past situations that are no longer of service.

I reminded myself of how we’re all connected and energy is precious. My energy matters just as much as the next person. As much as the past may suck and it’s so much of the past that we have access to, lets not forget to forgive ourselves in the process.

It’s obvious that it takes a big force of energy to make bigger changes and with bigger changes takes time and patience.

I’d rather put all that energy back into myself.

Stop Chasing Purpose and Focus on Wellness

By: Chloe Hakim- Moore


I mean why can’t I do both lol, I understand where she’s coming from though.

In the video I like how she explained all the aspects I think relates to self love. I also admired her strength because she was relatable and she communicated her growth and gratitude for life that was very moving to me.

How do you take care of your health physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially?

How do you show up for yourself ?

Did you ask how you felt today?

If you’re asking how I feel well, blessed!

Thank you for asking.❤️😌

I show myself love by going for that walk, seeing family, tidying up before leaving home, writing or reading, unwinding at the end of the day, etc. Just those little things alone is how I learned when to give or receive love in various forms.

I previously played female rap before leaving home so my mood was up.

When I think about these questions I feel that with my 24hrs, I have been making sure that my chakras are aligned and I do what makes me happy. What ever emotion I was feeling, I let it flow or let it go.

I think it’s also a time where we should also be careful where we direct our energy when we feel upset or angered. You never know who’s Divinely protected. The energy you put out comes right back to you.

To relieve stress:

•Write about how you’re feeling, you day, hopes dreams. Anything that uplifts your mood. Shoot write 5 sentences about 1 thing you like lol.

•Meditate. There are many ways you could try meditation. Have you heard of walking meditation. I think this is interesting because you’re physically active and I like this method just as much as sitting peacefully in a mediative state.

•Hydrate. In the winter my skin improved because I was drinking enough water and taking bubble baths to rejuvenate. My skin is glowing.

•Get some rest. Since I try to practice what I preach. I hold myself accountable of when I need to go to bed. If I know I have to get up early. I’m probably in bed by 7. I would rather sleep later because I want to enjoy my social apps or do something fun. I know that I’ll feel better because I got the right amount of sleep.

You can find more ways of self care by searching the great wide web if you need more ideas.

I learned to how to use a loom recently.

It was intimidating because the shape was so odd and when I brought it back home and I watched a YouTube video and two minutes in I turned it off because it was confusing to follow.

I had to take a time out for 5 minutes or so. I came back around and slowed the clip down; I understood it.

I’m already working on my next piece.

Even though I know its time consuming and I really want to finish it. I’d rather do a little of what I like to do creatively and when its time to relax and recharge, then so be it.

Let’s assess where we are

Do you accept yourself right where you are currently?

My answer is yes. I hope your answer is yes and if it’s not, it’s okay. Remember that every little step you take towards a positive change sets a domino effect of more good habits that you wish to incorporate in your life.

Just recently I decided to clean up my contacts and I made the decision to reach out to some old friends to catch up. I’m glad my friends are doing well.

Today I decided to go eat at a place my grandfather loved to eat and I waited for the guy to take my order.

It was busy as hell but I knew the food was worth waiting for.

I watched as he gave out food 3 times incorrectly and the customers were upset. The manager saw him give out food incorrectly and continued to ignore the situation.

It was until I heard him speak that he was unique in nature. I became compassionate because he actually was trying his best to keep up and I understood why he was getting mixed up.

I just waited patiently and it was definitely worth the wait.

I must add that I’m not perfect and I really had to nip my attitude in a bud if I was going to become the person I am becoming. Don’t let anyone get you out of character but check a mf if you have to. I think its good karma to not even give people like that any type of attention.

Take it easy on yourself

Spread the message, Be the change

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