Peace, Be Still

Ooh My Gosh…

I had so many ah-ha moments in my self discovery lately.

I’ve been feeling lucky. I had a few other things lined up I wanted to include in my last post but it was irrelevant to the topic.

My guides are coming through with so much love and communication.

Life is test after test and we need to be passing okay!

So I like to talk about experiences that are positive as I try to keep my home life peaceful. I am at peace with myself. I am calm and I am learning self control.

I assess the feelings I feel and act accordingly, but usually from amateur approach

I do think about how this person would feel if I returned the energy.

Physically, where am I feeling this anger? First, I take a deep breath to release some of the pressure.

Then I choose my karma. I choose to act with compassion and care.

I put my emotions first sure but I’m also not tipping into negativity.

I then ask for understanding and depending on how the other party reacts is a reflection of them.

I remember someone tried to tell me who I was and I watched in awe of how they explained that they had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

I mean they missed the mark 100%.

It was humorous and all I did was laugh.

I don’t have anything to prove to no one. Its either you believe me or you don’t.

Beauty starts from the inside and work its way out. I am grateful for the life I have.

What you think about yourself matters just as you place judgment on others. I’m not trying to tell no one how to live their life.

When I come around you better raise your vibration lol.

I’ll let you think whatever you want.

God knows my intentions so big ups for me.

So I love my little ukulele and recently I got a recorder from a spiritual shop and its so fun and easy to play with.

A week goes by, and my neighbor gifted me a keyboard. It’s not expensive its battery operated and good standing for imagery.

When I was younger I would play with the keyboard app and it had tutorials but I never thought about playing the piano. I remembered some parts of songs so I like it.

I read a book today and I got so enlightened my body started tingling. It was an accomplishment to complete another book so that aid in the feeling. I took the initiative in seeking knowledge for the betterment for myself and those who choose to be around.

At the end of the day I choose me and if you’re gonna be in my space. Your energy needs to be healed.

I will also be posting listings that will be profitable and to help people. Date to be determined. Stay posted and I’ll be back soon.

Spread the message, be the change

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