E.T.U.W.L pt 6

I kept this post drafted until the first because I was so ready for the month to end. For personal matters I got a calendar and the March theme was too cute to wait.

Like super cute

As much as I would like to enjoy this SC weather. I find myself inside due to the amount of pollen out. I

literally opened my door one day and literally the maintenance guy has the leaf blower and it was already windy outside.

It was POLLuted… lol no?

I was enjoying some informative videos one day and accidentally clicked on a random video. I was completely uninterested at the moment but the topic was about happiness; in oneself essentially.

I watched the 30 minute clip anyway, Just for my personal collection of knowledge and there was a woman interviewing a psychiatrist. I had to do extended research after.

You can watch here


One of the things mentioned is how we access our social Fitness.

How do we show up for ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

As of February I have been using the same amount of social media in other ways. I was constantly learning new ideas of being.

It was a bit much seeing and hearing the same things in different fonts in numerous aspects last month. I gave myself alot of time back since doing appropriate changes.

Recently I had a phone with its wear and tear and for some odd reason I dropped my phone 3 times back to back, I thought lil blue would survive but it was on its last leg anyway lol. So I decided to go ahead and upgrade it finally and I got a great deal.

So the man handling my paperwork looked tired right. Physically he limped. And eventually he spoke about it. I understand I do but right then, I was just trying to figure out where I want to eat lunch and my stomach and I were gonna negotiate it quietly.

My mouth was literally watering because I’m thinking about my favorite food places.

To make time pass I just told him I was hungry and couldn’t decide between two places.

Y’all this old man lit up so fast and started naming spots I didn’t know about.

He did end up explaining why he felt the way he did that day and it was really more mundane than anything else.

I told him, “Well I’m not going to brag about me getting the right amount of sleep.” Which I technically still did. He laughed and told me I was cool.

I told him I simply try and hold myself accountable for my actions. The rest of the time was appropriately communicative.

So I watched the news about the storm https://youtu.be/nyqNtIYLHsA in the event you hear it first here.

Meanwhile I’m down south and today was uncomfortably hot and humid as if it wasn’t chilly outside two days ago. Like 10pm tonight was really warm.


Some of us don’t pick and choose where we are and it reminds me to count my blessings. So I write about it since I like writing. In my pursuit of happiness, I find myself feeling more balanced and at peace with my life everyday.

Be sure to check on my Pinterest for ideas and and create art below as this website is a hobby for me.

Spread the message, Be the change

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