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Whew we are nearing spring and I am ready for summer. I am also in a light-hearted and playful energy. I had to go back into hermit mode because of the wisdom I was receiving and I’m trying to hone my top three skills.

Since we just had a full moon I decided to take some time out to write about who and what I needed to forgive in order to continue on my path. I also decluttered and plan to donate some old clothes.

Of course thank god and my support team for providing the strength I needed to handle these tasks. I multi-task and at the end of the day I am always feeling accomplished for something.

The theme of this post is Special by Lizzo ft. Sza

I want to have some fun. Music, picnic, park walks, grilled food.. a lot.

I have been practicing what I have been saying for the most part. I’m not perfect but it matters where it counts.

Let’s embrace the feelings of appreciation with those who love and care for us. If you have someone in your corner believing in you and letting you know they support you, cherish them.

I had to let my family know that we can talk about our problems but when it’s time to get back up, we get to where we gotta go. I don’t really have family support today. It doesn’t matter how good of a person I think I am. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have parental support. I am willing to be patient and wait for the right people to come into my life who choose to lead with love.

When I think about the things I do now that are creative burst I also acknowledge who was best supportive. I think I’ve cleaned up just in time.

I also recognized how I had the chance to be a kid and play outside and remembering the crazy stories about the things I used to do that make sense today. I was on some real tinker bell ish. Always making something from nothing.

I moved around alot but one thing I will say, is no matter what my family did for work at the end of the day we would all sit and chat together.

I have good intentions in alot of what I do; and I hope to keep that up as time goes on. Keep my chakras aligned.

It’s a beautiful time to be.

I’ve been going to new places and have been allowing myself to do anything creative my mind came up with and at least do something physical to give my ideas life. I tried something different everyday I finally decided to not wait for the right time.

I loved myself through having creators block and I took a hiatus for a very long time. I was sleeping on my talents.



I needed inspiration or some sort of motivation because I kinda got bored with what I was doing and I had to heal before helping others.

I was writing, studying, and writing some more. I worked with the things I already had.

We know the restrictions that our ancestors had in their way. I don’t have to get into details because as long as you know something of black history you understand where I’m getting at.

I know my purpose and I know that I am getting really good a being grateful. 


I had to think outside the box

I remember when I got my first diary and it was where I discovered my love for writing. Then I started to write short stories which lead to me working on my first book. I thought I was done but I decided to add depth so I plan to work on act II. I share that later on in life.

I choose my feelings regardless of outside forces. It got easier over time to not deal with anyone else’s b.s. Sometimes it feels like the outside world is full of drama and so chaotic right? Then I get home and it’s peaceful.

I set my boundaries appropriately and accordingly. Come correctly.

However I saw this video on YouTube and I was searching motivational short films.

I tend to acknowledge the production of the crew who put it all together and I like the motivation behind that.

I clicked away after two clips and I saw this video.


I feel like it’s a good fit to the topic.

So I watch it, 3-5 minutes in the woman spoke about their experiences of having a father figure in their life. It was a blessing to have while other people wanted that or felt that it was needed.

I reflect on myself and what I have going in my life. I choose peace over crucifying my dad for his inconsistency. Just like every person has their own set of situations. I want my parents to know that I forgive them. We’ve all felt lost in our lives at some point and have had certain disadvantages. It’s all good.

I listen to r&b and alternative styles of rap. I am a huge fan of hip hop and I love upcoming artists that manages to persuade my ears into liking their music.

Amen- Ms. Ca$H new artist and I love it! It was recently added to Spotify last month and it is on the same playlist for this post.

Music to me is a fun hobby.

How do I begin to explain I have too many creative avenues to want to stay put.

I can’t be a jack of all trades and then be a master at none if I did a little bit of everything. So I know my top three right now, and I’ll do the best I can.

However what I can’t that I may take time to learn is basketball despite being short. I wanna learn how to fish too. Realistically sewing would be my next pursuit.




I went out and got my ingredients for my chicken pot pie and I decided to dice some veggies that I normally don’t choose and then cooked it with the onions and a little butter to mask that earthy taste. It was so good and I’m glad I tried something new.



Let us hope that we are able to have a great southern BBQ this year. At least one despite prices.

Take care.



Spread the message and be the change


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