Never let them know your next move.

Or should you?

Oh so it takes alot of work to keep the heart space open, and it takes a lot of work to keep up faith, regardless of whatever beliefs, and it takes a lot of work to get past trauma or not… here me out.

After doing that reading on the cup half full vs. empty.

I want pile two to remember that believing is achieving. It’s truly that simple and baby steps are fine.

Moving on.

After finnishing pile two I felt so good, since I juiced my diet this morning with healthy food. I went to my favorite wing spot.

My favorite wing place is American deli on broad river. The people there are really nice and it’s family owned. Comes out right every time and it’s so good. I decided to sit inside and eat. It was about me and one other guy.

Um. Idk about anybody else but….I like to get dressed when I go out but ironically, I was celebrating my biggest milestones of my freaking existence in mixed matched socks, some sweatpants, Thrifted T-shirt, and tan sweater. I dressed for warmth because my goal was to get some good food and come back home. I wasn’t trying to dress to empress at my local food spot.

So a guy complimented me and I thought about what I had previously done. And I visually saw someone who was half full. My cup never runs empty so I decided to give him a way to watch my video. I have to fact check the language settings on YT.

Moreover, another man came in and he look to be about late twenties. Mature man and he had one ear piercing. Super cute right.

I was sitting down waiting and I was kinda watching the other man eat his food and my mouth was watering lol.

The guy sat a table away and across from me. We made eye contact (my A/C just Turned Off)

If anyone looks at me I will speak. I’ll probably greet. Not just anyone though. I kinda skim my environment around before I just speak to anybody. I was getting hella angel numbers like a mad person (I heard a train go bye)

I lean over and I dropped 11 cents.

He doesn’t feel like a threat. So I mentioned my website and he initiated all the things that required him having my website.


I am still very shy so I was kinda taken by surprised to see someone check my website out in front of my face.

My website has almost 1,000 views…

He had the audio and everything while I was listening to the music I posted on my tiktok because I brought my headphones with me too.

Side note. Its meant for other people to like switch up the beat and play with. I have a vision for a particular sound so I hope someone comes up with a remix that knocks my socks off lol.

So anyway, I’m pigging out on my 5 piece buffalo hot. Three blue cheese and my extra side of wing sauce in a little cup.

10/10 phenomenal food. Here me out. It’s like 3-4 people working there.

you never know what goes on in peoples minds or how they perceive you. But I know energy.

I saw his shift of deep emotion. It’s either relatable or empathy.

He tried his best to keep his composure and I understand. We did exchange a moment.

Y’all I’m almost done with my food and It got busy asf out of nowhere. Like almost all the seats were taken. Some chose to stand.

Just incase I owed karma. Before I left I walked up to this girl who was just sitting minding her business. I told her that I was trying to do a good deed and I told her that she was beautiful.

She looked at me with wide eyes I think we’re both fair in age.

I looked at her and tilted my head to the side and back up. Yep. She was indeed uniquely pretty. And then I left.

I’m about to finish up for the people who choose pile 1. Cup half full.

Remember you are specialllll and everything happens for a reason. Here’s your answer: Blessings due to outside forces ❤️🤭

Be the message and spread the change.

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