Hello every one my name is Savion (Say-vee-anne) Russell. I am twenty three years young, and lately I’ve been feelin’ a fire inside of me… wanting to do more, see more, and at the same time remain positive as I enter the new year 2023. If you found my site, this is where my magic begins.


Consider it a public diary. (Laugh out loud) or not. I don’t know whats in stored for me this year, I do know that I trust in god and I’ve brushed away, but not forgotten, the treacherous events of last year. From global issues to the every day mundane. Life is so crazy. Even through all that, my life…is pretty blessed. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am abundant in what I do. I want to share with others more ways to enhance, inspire, and maybe be relatable at times. You might learn something new!

‘spread the message, be the change’







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